While it is rare to find a company without a website in today’s markets, it is even rarer to find one without a Facebook page; Facebook’s reach is figuratively infinite. However, just because your company has a presence on Facebook, does not automatically ensure success; it takes patience, and hard work to achieve maximum audience engagement. But, you know this, so why aren’t you seeing results? The truth is, a lot of companies focus too much on the content being posted than the page itself. The good thing is, it only takes the following best practices to ensure that your company page is in tip-top shape.

1. Post relevant content
Obviously, content is important; there is no point in posting the latest football results if your company produces tennis balls. But then there is the phenomenon of memes.  Industry relevant memes are an easy and great way to engage with your followers if you’re out of content and need to post, but be careful not to overdo it. There is nothing worse than seeing consecutive similar posts in your feed. It is the equivalent of that guy at the party who has one good joke and tells it all the time; don’t be a one-trick-pony

2. Post regular updates – but not too often
It can be difficult to determine when is too much or not enough. The general rule of thumb is twice a day during the working week (once in the morning and once in the afternoon) and once a day on the weekend, however, each industry is different. If you are a news network, then you would post as news breaks, but if you are an accounting firm than you would post around 9am, when clients are coming into work and checking their emails, and at 3pm during 3pm-itis. Regardless of your company’s industry, a once-a-week update is not enough.

3. Reply to comments
In my five years in the marketing industry, this is probably the number one reason why Facebook pages fail. No matter how well your page is doing ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS reply to comments. So many times, I have seen companies with excellent content and regular postings struggle to understand why their statistics are so low. The fact of the matter is, no company, no matter how large or small, is ever too good to reply to customers. It also goes to ensure that customers stay loyal when things go wrong, unlike 1800-Flowers’ Valentine’s Day Fiasco

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page Performance

4. Link to Landing Pages
The reach of Facebook is undeniable, but its use goes beyond customer engagement. In October 2014, Google rolled out their Penguin update, following its Panda update. One of the main differences in this algorithm was Google’s ability to determine a brand’s overall reach. By including links to landing pages on your Facebook posts, you can increase your website’s overall authoritative ranking. Be careful, however, this algorithm is intelligent, it can also determine spam-like behaviour in attempting to achieve this result.