There are so many tools out there on the web for marketers nowadays. From social media tools to web-based design applications. Here are some well-known and some lesser known ones:

1. Bitly

Every tweeter should know this one, and if you don’t maybe you should come out from that rock you’ve been living under. It’s great for shortening urls, but also has the added function of tracking campaigns. Save it to the top of your favorites list.

2. Hubspot blog

This is one of my favourites and is an invaluable tool for not only marketers but designers, sales teams, and CMOs. It’s updated several times a day and its content makes me swoon. It also has great downloadable ebooks and design templates; everything a budding marketer needs. Be careful when you subscribe to the blog though, your inbox will tend to be flooded on a daily basis.

3. Top Rank Blog

Top Rank is another great marketing blog and is less spammy. What I love about this blog is the combination of educational content and industry news. It’s not as far-reaching as hubspot, and so it isn’t updated as regularly. Great if you just want to dip your toe into the marketing pool rather than full immersion.

4. Ted

Let’s face it, we all loose motivation from time to time. Ted is a great way to rediscover purpose while also learning. Ted conferences are held yearly all over the world and they post 10-60min videos from these conferences on their website (they also have an app), perfect for when you need a bit of a chill out under the guise of work..

5. Da font

Half my job is design work; if I’m not preparing a newsletter then I’ll be working on a new product catalogue. Da font is one of my favourite open source font libraries around. It’s great for helping the creative juices flow; some of the fonts are artworks in themselves.

6. Wix

Next time you have to make a presentation or submit a resume why not do it as a website? Wix is a great tool for little projects and is mostly free; choosing your own domain name does cost extra as does some add-ons like eCommerce and some templates. It’s super easy to use and the apps that you can include on the site are growing every day. The only problem is that it can be a bit sketchy with some browsers so it’s best to use Internet Explorer.

7. Issuu

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that enables you to share content like magazines, newsletters etc. It is free in its basic package, but you do have to deal with sidebar ads. It also now has an app on which makes combining your resume and portfolio online so much easier.

If there are any other sites that you think I should know about, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to include it in my next “Marketing Websites” post.