Apple has made some pretty radical changes to its music player, iTunes, over the last few months, with new updates including new widgets and syncing options. The popular media player has also axed its popular promotions such as “Song of the Week” and “12 Days of Gifts” replacing them with its “Free on iTunes” section (not yet available in Australia).

It’s obvious that these changes come in the wake of Spotify’s rapid growing success; in a period of five years Spotify has gone from having approximately 10 million users, including 2.5 million users with paid subscriptions, in 2010 to 60 million users, 15 million of whom have paid subscriptions, at the beginning of this year. So, with iTunes struggling to play catchup, I am left wondering “Is there a Storm A-Brewin'”?

I initially suspected that Apple would axe iTunes altogether and replace it with something similar to Spotify, but considering the company’s reputation for innovation, wouldn’t this be a step backwards in terms of business development? After some more ponderings, I realised that if Apple were to come out on top, it would require the same type of innovation that the iPod brought to the industry all those years ago. Considering Apple’s recent performance in terms of product development (iPhone 5 & 6), I doubt that they are currently capable of this.

This leads me to beg the question “Is there a possibility of an iTunes/Spotify merger in the future”? And if so, would Spotify, in light of their booming success, even consider it? If so, this would revolutionise the way in which we consume media, something that only Steve Jobs could pull off.

Who knows, I may be utterly and completely wrong. Be, either way, prepare for something BIG!