Research Paper: AIDes Campaign

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The purpose of this essay is to critically analyse a contemporary social marketing campaign, by the AIDeS foundation, in order to demonstrate how the relationship between the key message and the intended audience is successful in delivering persuasive ideals. This will be achieved through the deconstruction of the campaign using Saussure‚Äôs definition of semiotics, ideologies,…

Marketing Office

7 Websites Every Budding Marketer Should Know

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There are so many tools out there on the web for marketers nowadays. From social media tools to web-based design applications. Here are some well-known and some lesser known ones: 1. Bitly Every tweeter should know this one, and if you don’t maybe you should come out from that rock you’ve been living under. It’s…

Facebook for Mobile

4 Easy Ways to Improve Facebook Page Performance

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While it is rare to find a company without a website in today’s markets, it is even rarer to find one without a Facebook page; Facebook’s reach is figuratively infinite. However, just because your company has a presence on Facebook, does not automatically ensure success; it takes patience, and hard work to achieve maximum audience…

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